Japanese tattoo

At Gorilla Ink, Marz specializes in Japanese tattoo artistry and Oriental styles. More than just an aesthetic style, Japanese tattoos are an approach to the art form and a culture in and of itself. Gorilla Ink’s owner, Marz, has traveled to Japan multiple times, immersing himself in the country’ rich tattooing scene and history, and it’s this passion that he brings to Gorilla Ink. Looking for true quality when it comes to your new Japanese tattoo? Melbourne’s Inner South-Eastern suburbs can count on Gorilla Ink for precision, boldness and creativity.

Japanese tattoos are characterised by the use of common Japanese design motifs, like Koi, lotus flowers and geishas, along with a distinct visual style that emphasises strong lines and bold colour use. At Gorilla Ink, we listen to your needs. You can come to us with a design pre-drawn and ready to go, and we will execute that accurate attention to detail. However, our tattoo team is also made up of Melbourne’s leading creatives, and we’re able to design your very own, totally customised Japanese Tattoo. Melbourne customers looking for style, individuality and a fusion of authentic and cutting-edge styling should come to Gorilla Ink.

On The Lookout For That Perfect Japanese Tattoo? Melbourne’s New Favourite Service – Gorilla Ink – Has Got You Covered

Our body studio is a warm and welcoming place – we make sure you’re at ease throughout the process, and that you’re completely happy with your new Japanese tattoo. Melbourne’s Inner South-Eastern suburbs located in Oakleigh minutes from Chadstone Shopping Center, turn to us for true quality. Call now.